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Spring 2017 Season


BYL Program Updates
BYL is making a focused effort to move away from using parents as coaches of the travel teams.  Going forward, the goal is to have paid non-parent coaches (with relevant, qualified experience) coaching the travel teams.  The realistic objective is to hopefully have paid non-parent coaches in place across a large number of the travel teams for Boys and Girls this Spring 2017. 
While BYL will be paying coaches, we have not raised the registration fees to accomplish this.  Instead, BYL is changing the uniform policy for travel teams.  Historically, players kept their game jersey and shorts at the end of the season and new uniforms were ordered each season.  Approximately $80-85 of each travel team registration fee went to uniform cost.  Going forward, at the end of the season players will return their uniforms to BYL.  The uniforms will be washed, repackaged, and kept in inventory for the next year by Achieve Athletics (and every 3-4 years the uniforms will be replaced with a new design).  By doing this, BYL will now be able to utilize a large portion of the registration fee that had been going to uniform purchase costs and use it to hire paid non-parent coaches.
BYL Uniforms
As mentioned above, in order to be able to pay non-parent coaches, players will no longer receive their game uniforms to keep.  Several families have inquired if they can purchase a uniform to keep.  This is fine and can be coordinated with Achieve Athletics.  If you would like to do this, when you go to Achieve Athletics to get your uniform size selected (which all BYL players on travel teams must do), please convey to Tom White that you would like to purchase a uniform and you will be charged separately by Achieve Athletics.
Please contact us with any questions.
Best regards,
Note for new young boys players (~4th grade and younger):
Most retailers (store & online) offer “starter packages” for the first time player that include all the necessary gear including Lacrosse Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Lacrosse Gloves, and Lacrosse Stick.  Online and at stores, you will find that most of these “starter packages” sell for roughly $180.  Lacrosse Unlimited has these types of packages.
BYL Boys Grades 5 - 8 Winter Skills Practices at NB Sportsplex
(BYL Girls separately also has field space reserved)
Hello BYL Boys Families,
BYL has reserved field space at the North Branford Sportsplex for 6 skills practice sessions on Sundays for Boys in grades 5 - 8 over February and March.  BYL Boys have one field reserved and will run drills with 7th/8th graders on one half and 5th/6th graders on the other half. 
These sessions will serve as a great pre-season tuneup leading up to the start of the Spring 2017 season right at the end of March.
We strongly encourage all the boys players in grades 5 - 8 to attend as many of these sessions that they can.  Full gear required.
Please arrive no later than 15 minutes early so that the players can be fully geared up and ready to play right when the field is available. 
The dates/times that BYL has reserved at the Sportsplex are the following:
1) Feb 12: 3 - 4pm (Canceled due to weather)
2) Feb 26: 3 - 4pm
3) Mar 5: 3 - 4pm
4) Mar 12: 3 - 4pm
5) Mar 19: 4 - 5pm
6) Mar 26: 4 - 5pm



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